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Transfer Sardinia Service with its car rental with driver for Sardinia offers its customers a latest generation vehicle, a top-of-the-range 9-seater Ford Tourneo Custom, equipped with all the most important options that guarantee greater travel quality and comfort.

MAXIMUM comfort

The interiors are studied in detail. The car differs from other cars in its category for the particularity of being able to arrange the seats in order to create an internal sitting area . A unique and exclusive car of its kind, where you can create and set up your own real seat meetings on board , where customers will also find the possibility of accessing free wi-fi .

The vehicle is designed to ensure maximum relaxation for the occupants on board, it is equipped with 6 USB ports , to recharge your smartphone or tablet in full autonomy. The air conditioning and heating system can be managed independently by the passenger as it is independent from the main one.

In addition, the car has dark windows for privacy in order to guarantee total confidentiality and indiscretion during your trip.


Our 9-seater Ford Tourneo Custom features the most advanced safety systems.

Lane Keeping Assist with Brake Assist improves active safety and helps prevent the risk of road accidents.

The automatic xenon headlights kit , which follow the travel lane set by the car, guarantee greater visibility on the road and promote concentration while driving without ever letting go of the steering wheel.

The latest generation on-board navigator always updated and connected to the smartphone in order to have real-time information and updates on traffic and on the most requested itineraries / locations for a faster and more efficient service.

info covid-19

In order to safeguard the health of its customers and guarantee maximum cleanliness and safety , the Transfer Sardinia Service guarantees maximum cleaning and sanitation of the car at each service with specific anti-covid-19 products (with medical and surgical assistance) in order to make your own safer travel. On board there will be disinfectant gel and refreshing wipes , masks if requested by the customer.

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elegance and performance

Relaxation, comfort and elegance will be the main features that will distinguish your trip and the arrival in your desired Sardinian destination!

Over the years I have acquired all the skills necessary to take care of customers. My job is to understand, satisfy and solve your every request!
Relaxation and comfort will be the main features that will distinguish your trip and the arrival in your desired Sardinian destination.

Emanuele Musu



Emanuele Musu titolare e autista NCC Transfer Sardinia Service

Emanuele Musu

and owner of the Transfer Sardinia Service

From the passion for travel and motors that, after several years of experience in the luxury sector of car rental whit driver and resorts in Costa Smeralda, I decided to transfer my skills in passenger transport by setting up the Transfer Sardinia Service company in 2020.

why Transfer Sardinia Service was born

In fact, in 2017 I decided to make a change in my life by putting myself to the test and realizing my little dream by building my own business that would allow me to work in my beloved Sardinia.

Traveling and being able to visit the different localities of our territory every day, being able to admire them and being able to tell them to my customers are the positive aspects that distinguish my life as a driver.

The trip with Transfert Service Sardinia will not be a normal transport from one place to another but an exploration , a journey to the destination, where you can get to know the places, life and love for Sardinia.

my experience serving customers

The work experiences gained in Northern Sardinia have allowed me to create a high quality service, taking care of every detail of the offer with professionalism and seriousness and customizing the services to meet the different travel and transport needs . This is why I thought of services dedicated not only to tourists , but also to business travelers, young people who want to have fun in safety, those who need a transfer to participate in an event , etc.

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